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Sailor Moon hi-ball glass set found at Box Lunch.

The Nightmare Before Christmas light up travel tumblr found at Disney.

Hogwarts gold travel tumblr found at Box Lunch.

Lumiere and Company “Be Our Guest” collection found at Shop Disney. 

Nerdism in Fashion turned 2 today!

Thank you all for sticking around and being awesome geeks, we just passed 50k on tumblr. I started this blog almost 7 years ago and I’m very happy to find people that like what I like too 🙂

All credit to the aweome art showcased here goes to the original authors, if you like their stuff you should go follow them too and maybe buy their prints or t-shirts so they can keep making more.

BTW this also gets posted on Facebook and Twitter (@geekthegeek).

-Alekz (tw: @aalkz | ig: @alkz)

Nerdism In Decor turned 4 today!