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Star Trek: Picard – Chateau Picard Vineyard products found at Star

“Tea, Earl Gray, hot.” – Jean-Luc Picard t-shirt found at Star

Star Trek: TNG Shuttle craft tent by designer Dave Delisle.

“Spring is here, so I thought it would be fun to make a geeky tent design that would be perfect for all of your away missions: I present a tent design based on the shuttlecraft from Star Trek.” – Dave Delisle

Note: Design only, creation is not in production, nor officially licensed. 

Captain Picard facepalm bust – bronze edition found at Think Geek.

Endor Leia bag found at Think Geek.

Star Wars string lights found at Think Geek.

At-At lantern found at Box Lunch.

Thirteenth Doctor shirt by Her Universe found at Hot Topic.

Jedi robe cardigan sweater by Musterbrand found at Shop Disney.

Captain Rex moto jacket by Our Universe found at Hot Topic.