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Blood by saka waka


Due to a translation error, the Turbografx-16 port of the Capcom arcade game, Street Fighter I (yes, there was a Street Fighter I) was named Fighting Street

Akuma by Chun Lo (tumblr: @chunlo  | twitter: @belgeist)

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Sagat, The King by Mike Henry ( Zatransis | website )

Chun-Li by Henkkab

Love board games? So do we! Join host Becca Scott here on Geek & Sundry for Game the Game, where she breaks out the best games in tabletop and plays them with fantastic guests.
Some games, such as The Grizzled and High Society, feature poetic commentary on culture and the human condition. …

Street fighter xa udon by xa-xa-xa

Akuma Head by Anny-D

BFF Ep.03 Exercise Partner (Boy) by hjstory

Akuma by Ramonn90