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Original Stormtrooper Beer found at Fire Box.

  • Galactic Pale Ale – 8 pack
  • Lightspeed Pilsner – 8 pack

Star Wars face masks found at Fire Box.

BB-8 Mug with lid found at Box Lunch.

One of the priciest Star Wars figures you can find is Yak Face, a hanger-on from Jabba’s Palace. Because Star Wars was more or less dead by 1985, by the time this figure came out, it was a Europe-only exclusive, and so commands top dollar from collectors. 

“Streets of San Francisco” (1977), a crime drama series that in its last season, had an episode with both Richard Hatch and Mark Hamill. 

Star Wars stoneworks faux marble bookends found at Think Geek.

Yoda mug found at Box Lunch.

Rebel Alliance special forces rucksack found at Think Geek.

Endor Leia bag found at Think Geek.

Whether you’ve got younger relatives or children of your own, chances are you’ve probably heard of a little game called Roblox. If you’ve no idea what I’m yammering about, don’t worry, I didn’t know much about it until this year. Simply put, it’s a game …