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Stacey Nelkin (best known for Halloween III) s…

Stacey Nelkin (best known for Halloween III) screen testing for the role of the replicant Pris in “Blade Runner” (1980), a role which ultimately went to Darryl Hannah. 

She didn’t get the part, but they gave her a role in the opening scene that was ultimately cut from the script, as Mary, Roy Baty’s sort-of wife. “Blade Runner” famously had a very different opening in the script, depicting the escape of the replicants from the outer colony. The opening was never filmed (sorry, Stacey) but not filming it created problems, because in later dialogue,they said four replicants were unaccounted for, a number that included Mary Baty. 

I always liked her, so when I googled what Stacey Nelkin was doing now, she has a YouTube channel where she gives relationship advice, and is now a “dating guru.”