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Midnight masquerade eyeshadow pallet from the Designer Disney make up collection found at Colour Pop. 

Disney Princess figurines by Giuseppe Armani found at Disney.

Every week we showcase a Kickstarter project that captures our imagination. Ardens Ludere‘s new Kickstarter, Dinosaur Princesses has fully funded and is in its homestretch until its November 13th project end. Here’s why we can’t get enough of it. 
Many people got hooked on …

Princess mug found at Disney.

Disney Princesses face masks found at Fire Box.

Princess Aurora’s True Love’s Kiss – with calming lavender to soothe your hard-working face.

Princess Ariel’s Jewel of the Sea – infused with cucumber to cool, hydrate and add a splash of moisturise.

Princess Jasmine’s A Whole New World – filled with green tea antioxidants to refresh and revitalise.

Princess Belle’s Enchanted Rose – with rose water to impart a healthy glow.

Disney Princess travel tumbler found at Shop Disney.

Disney Princess “Celebrating Mothers” t-shirts found at Shop Disney.

Disney Princess “Secret Charm” figures by Jim Shore found at Shop Disney.

Disney Princess embroidered tie top found at Box Lunch.

Disney Princess banner pins found at Shop Disney.