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The paperback covers of George Barr. 

All of them are from the smaller publisher, DAW, who I’d argue, had the best covers in scifi history. The smaller the publisher, the better the covers. Cover art is something of a lost art these days because of the disinterest of the larger publishers in investing into their books.


“Cherry Delight, the Sexecutioner,” a men’s adventure series created in the early 1970s by Gardner Fox under the pen name Glen Chase. You might know Gardner Fox best as the creator of the Flash at DC comics. 

Cherry Delight is meant to be the same kind of “pop art” comedy of the sort you see in the Batman TV show (with a dollop of explicit sex)…but there is actually a lot of real sweetness and sincerity in these. 

Paul Rader.


“Draco Falcon” may be the single greatest name for a men’s adventure paperback hero. 

I vastly preferred the blood and thunder historicals to the special forces/”gun porn” that took over men’s adventure publishing in the 1980s. 

Ed Emshwiller.


Although small box games typically offer lighter gaming fare, today’s titles can provide a deep, satisfying main dish of tabletop action. From Hisashi Hayashi’s excellent fit-in-your-pocket games to Scott Almes’ Tiny Epic series, small box games prove that bigger doesn’t necessarily mean…

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