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A pop duo from Italy, Oliver Onions did some of the most startling, pleasantly cheesy, and enjoyable movie themes of all time for Italian cinema of the 1980s. If big, corny, belted out music is your bag, give them a listen. Despite their pop origins, however, they keep the spirit of the 70s alive into the 80s, in that they seemed like some mashup of up tempo disco dance grooves and Alan Parsons style synth prog. 

If 1980s movies that end in a rap song over the credits that summarize the plot of the movie you just saw, are just plain too cornball for you to handle (”his name is Vigo/Master of Evil/Tried to step up to my boys/that’s not legal”), Oliver Onions may be just plain too much for you. On the other hand, if you love those, they’re perfect.

The theme that brought them to my attention was the one for Yor, the Hunter from the Future (aka “Yor’s World, He’s the Man”): 

Their “Black Inferno” theme for Atlantis Interceptors (a film by the director of Cannibal Holocaust) reminds me of what would happen if the Alan Parsons Project did something in a more dance oriented mold: 

For a change of pace, their Western theme for “Doc West” was uncharacteristically subdued, though they can’t keep it up and they do belt out the name of the main character: 

Their “Lady of Germany (Bella Bella Tu)” theme for Lady of the Night has a ton of streetwise sensuality: 

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Selena y los Dinos by Héctor Turriza Sosa / Turrilandia

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Powerline from A Goofy Movie by WalidSodki (