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The Venoms on the set of “Shaolin Rescuers” with director Chang Cheh. 

Linda Denley’s Karate Illustrated covers. 

American born expat film star Carl Scott, who in Hong Kong in the late 1970s, starred in “Kung Fu Executioner,” “A Hard Way to Die” (a very fun movie, also called Sun Dragon) and “Soul Brothers of Kung Fu.” 

“Five Shaolin Masters” (1974). 

Shaw Brothers Studios in the 1960s group photo.



I love how the two “hunks” of Shaw Brothers Kung Fu cinema of the 1970s, frequent co-stars Ti Lung and David Chiang, have now become mellow, kinda dorky, but very nice suburban Dads.

Ti Lung loves being a grandpa and loves teaching his grandkids Martial Arts…

And David Chiang left acting to help his wife recover from cancer (which she did):

Paul Gulacy’s “Master of Kung Fu”

Morihei Ueshiba, creator of modern Aikido.