Category: Marauder’s Map

Hogwarts House slippers found at Hot Topic.

Marauder’s Map journal with wand pen found at Box Lunch.

Marauder’s Map Guide To Hogwarts book and light up wand found at Hot Topic. 

Harry Potter pillows found at Pottery Barn.

Harry Potter – Marauder’s Map gold dinner set found at Box Lunch.

Marauder’s map tea pot found at Hot Topic. 

Marauder’s Map liquid reactive umbrella found at Hot Topic.

“When this umbrella from Harry Potter gets wet, the key to the Marauder’s Map on the top turns from white to a bright red.”

Marauder’s map glass mug found at Think Geek.

Marauder’s Map makeup bag found exclusively at BoxLunch.

Harry Potter notebooks found at Hot Topic.