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Wizards of the Coast has announced your path to Magic: The Gathering glory! The new Magic Esports program offers players worldwide the opportunity to win $1 million through multi-platform tournament play. Wizards of the Coast is planning seven tournaments, called Mythic Championships, which kick …

Fantastic Beasts – Thunderbird ear cuff found at Hot Topic.

Snow White tabletop magic mirror found at Think Geek.

Harry Potter – Wingardium Leviosa floating feather found at Think Geek.

Interested in Magic: The Gathering? Be sure to tune in every Wednesday here on Geek & Sundry for new episodes of Spellslingers, where host Day[9] plays epic battles of Magic: The Gathering against fantastic guests!
Episode 2 has us throwing down with Amy Okuda playing Day[9] in a showdown bet…

Harry Potter – Elder Wand hair sticks found at Hot Topic. 

Harry Pottery – Lumos beret hat found at Hot Topic.

Maruder’s Map cardigan found at Hot Topic. 

Aladdin – Genie heat reveal mug found at Box Lunch.

Spells mini backpack found at Box Lunch.