Category: House Lannister

Game of Thrones crystal steins found at Think Geek.

Game of Thrones premium collector’s box – Noble houses found at Box Lunch.

The assortment of exclusives includes:

  • Baratheon Drinking Horn
  • Ghost Vinyl Figurine
  • Targaryen Hand Warmer
  • Jaime Lannister’s Golden Hand Over Mitt
  • House Greyjoy Oversize Enamel Pin
  • House Tyrell Desktop Planter
  • Noble Houses T-Shirt
  • House Sigil Stamp Set
  • North Remembers Sticky Notes

Game Of Thrones house candles found at Think Geek.


Lannister wallet found at Think Geek.

Game Of Thrones wine stopper set found at Box Lunch.

King’s Landing messenger bag – exclusive at Think Geek.