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The Venoms on the set of “Shaolin Rescuers” with director Chang Cheh. 

“Lady of the Moon” (1966)

“Swordsman and Enchantress” (1978) starts off as a pretty typical 70s Ti Lung swordplay historical movie, until it gets insane in the last third of the film. 

Ti Lung plays a beardy drunk drifter, kind of a Kung Fu Zap Rowesdower, who saves the life of another man’s wife. The other man, a Kung Fu and swordplay expert, assumes the drifter is in love with his wife, a charge that’s hard to refute because…well…it’s true…Ti Lung is in love with her. 

What makes this movie noteworthy enough to stand out from the pack of historical swordplay Hong Kong movies with a tragic ending is how insane it gets in the last third of the film, out of absolutely nowhere. In the last third of the film, the heroes shrink down to enter a village of living puppets, where they can never escape because they are 6 inches tall. The finale has a twist I won’t spoil here but that elevates this material. 

Chinese Ghost Story 1-3 posters, from 1987-1991. 

“Five Shaolin Masters” (1974). 

“Mighty Peking Man” (1975). 

Shaw Brothers Studios in the 1960s group photo.

“Mr. Vampire” (1985).

This movie, produced by the supernatural loving Sammo Hung, led to a revival of the long extinct Chinese Vampire genre in Hong Kong. It has humor, but the horrors are to be taken seriously. I’d compare the tone of it to Ghostbusters or the recent Shazam

“Mr. Vampire 3″ (1987)