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Timothy Zahn, best known for Blackcollar and his Star Wars novels, wrote a 4-issue, lushly painted Marvel miniseries in 1996 about Star Lord. It’s absolutely worth finding if you can get it, even though its’ current canonicity is somewhat dubious. 

It’s about a young telepath who may, or may not, be the original Star Lord’s son. Since then, Star Lord became a galactic legend and may or may not still be alive. Our Marty McFly/Luke Skywalker-esque protagonist manages to find the original Star Lord’s living, artificially intelligent shapeshifting starship, and his Element Gun given to him by the Master of the Sun, and revives the Star Lord legend, pretending to be the original Star Lord. 

This is also the story where Star Lord’s Ship acquires the ability to become a lady (a platinum blonde, natch). 

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Rocket Raccoon, from the 1985 miniseries by Bill Mantlo.

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