Category: Food

Pop culture cereal found at Hot Topic.

Magic Carpet lunch box found at Box Lunch. 

Maruchan pot noddle mug found at Hot Topic. 

Dragon Ball 4-star ball bento box found at Hot Topic.

You’ve prepared your post-apocalyptic campaign and now you’re about to have a half dozen or more people over to your house for hours. They’re going to need something to eat in the wasteland you’ve created. Victoria Rosenthal of Pixelated Provisions and author of Fallout: T…

Black Like My Soul coffee found at Fire Box. 


  • Black as your soul, rich as your many boyfriends
  • Naturally processed Vietnamese robusta coffee
  • A full bodied blend that doesn’t mess around
  • Laced with rich cocoa flavour for a chocolatey aftertaste
  • Basically a mocha for goths hardcore coffee snobs

Magical Unicorn energy drink found at Fire Box.

Harry Potter serving dishes from The Pottery Barn HP collection. 

Harry Potter egg cup & toast cutter found at Fire Box.

Kitchen towels found at Fuego.