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John Zeleznik.

Todd Lockwood’s art for “Mage vs. Machine,” a campaign setting in Dragon 258, published in the very last year of AD&D. The idea is that a D&D world is attacked by self-replicating robots, and that some mages chose to eradicate them, and others chose to control them. It included options to begin play with a robot “buddy,” and also things like circuit tattoos. 

There’s a lot of folklore in the D&D players’ community about the creation of the Monk class, since it seems so out of place in the D&D game. The Monk and Assassin classes came from the same place: Brian Blume’s Blackmoor pamphlet/supplement (and from there, because it was in Dave Arneson’s campaign in Minnesota). 

In the intro to Oriental Adventures, Gary Gygax gives a far more fascinating explanation of where the Monk came from: Brian Blume was obsessed with the book series, Remo Williams the Destroyer


Dave Dorman.


Players have a lot of decisions to make when they put together a Dungeons & Dragons character. Spell choices, weapon choices and where to put ability scores influence how a character comes together mechanically. But what about the fictional side of the character? In D&D, the Background ch…

It’s easy to argue that Dungeons & Dragons had one of its best years in 2018 since the 1980s. The livestream boom has helped more people try out the game than every before. Third party studios are chugging along making lots of cool things to fill in the gaps. The main line published …

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Clyde Caldwell.

My favorite RPG cover of all time has to be this Fred Fields one from 1989.