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Dracula’s castle crop cardigan by Universal Monsters found at Hot Topic.

Dracula mesh top by Universal Monsters found at Hot Topic.

Raul Julia was Frank Langella’s understudy in the 1970s stage production of Dracula. 

“Mark of the Vampire” (1935). 

In terms of mood, atmosphere, and visuals, it was superior to the original Dracula. It’s amazing how quickly sound film “found itself” in only a few years. It was ruined by a twist in the last act, however.

Basil Gogos’s painting of director Tod Browning and his films.

Classic horror film key chains (glow-in-the-dark) found at Hot Topic.

Often times in the past, tv shows based on video games have been underwhelming to terrible. I still have flashbacks to the old Legend of Zelda cartoon. The words “Excuuuuse me princess” haunt my dreams to this day. So it was delightfully surprising that Warren Ellis’ Castlevania, which came out…

Remember the Pepsi ads with the Universal Monsters?

“Dracula’s Daughter” (1936), the last of the initial wave of Universal horror movies, and the first direct sequel to Dracula (Bela Lugosi doesn’t come back, but Edward van Sloan did, as Dr. van Helsing). Odd she never became one of the “iconic” monsters.

Heresy time: I always liked this one better than the original, because the original Dracula was too much like the theater production to really use what film could do.