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The Nightmare Before Christmas dog toys found at Box Lunch.

Wishbone was a PBS series about a terrier that assumed the role of literary characters like Frankenstein and Odysseus and dressed up.

I’ve found it’s very hard to explain this one to people who weren’t there.

Lady trinket tray found at Disney.

The Doberman movies were a series of three Benji esque films centered on the idea of dobermans trained to commit crimes. It was a combination of a jewel thief/heist movie with a Benji/Old Yeller-esque animal film. 

Something you will never get when talking to film historians of the 1970s: sure, you had your Cassavettes and Friedkins, but as for the movies average people saw, it was the golden age of the family friendly dog and cat movie. Art Carney famously beat Al Pacino in Godfather II for Best Actor with his role in Harry and Tonto, a cute cat movie. 

101 Dalmatians London telephone box shirt found at Box Lunch.

Game Of Thrones pet accessories found at Box Lunch.

101 Dalmatians – Pepper mug found at Disney.

Nick Furry and the Animalvengers by Ry-Spirit

Nick Furry and the Animalvengers by Ry-Spirit

Doug mug found at Shop Disney.