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My old friend Rik Levins, a huge Superman fan, once told me that he believed “Superman Duels the Futuremen of the Year 2000″ was the last true appearance of the Golden Age, Earth-2 Superman in regular comics. 

It was the last story to say there was no Superboy and that Superman fought evil beginning as an adult, which is a characteristic of the Earth-2 Superman. By this point, the Fortress of Solitude had already been introduced (the defining cutoff point between Silver Age and Golden Age Superman, since Golden Age Superman had no such thing), however, this story shows that some stories were written about Earth-2 Superman after that “cutoff point.” 

Robin #191, set in Hong Kong. 


This 80s series comes highly recommended. It’s slightly weirder and completely different from nearly all the sword and sorcery comics of the 1980s, showing the influence of Moorcock’s Elric books, and the dreamlike fantasies of Lord Dunsany. 

Carmine Infantino, c. 1964

Kurt Busiek once told me that his absolute dream project working for DC Comics would be to revive the 1967 motorcycle adventure series, Jason’s Quest, by Mike Sekowsky.

On Earth-2, Robin was shown, as early as the 1960s, to become a full adult, JSA member, and Batman’s equal. 


One thing I always liked about Hawkman is that he seemed to be the one hero who had a fulfilling love life with an equal partner. Until Englehart added Hawkwoman to the JLA in 1978 (people forget Englehart came to DC to write JLA, not Batman), it was weird to me that he was in the JLA but Hawkwoman was not.