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The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 years collector’s chess set found at Disney.

The Nightmare Before Christmas 25th Anniversary chess set found at Box Lunch.

Lord Dunsany, arguably the greatest fantasy novelist in the generation before C.L. Moore, was a Renaissance man who was also an avid chess player. He invented a particular asymmetrical variation on chess that’s in use to this day, known as Dunsany’s Chess. 

In this version, white has 32 pawns, whereas black has the usual arrangement. White wins if the opponent’s king is mated, but black wins if all 32 pawns are captured. A draw is considered a white victory. Give this variation a try if you ever feel like being adventurous.

Lord Dunsany loved chess problems. Here are a few he created. 

Super Mario chess – collector’s edition found at Box Lunch.

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Harry Potter Quidditch chess set found at Box Lunch.

Harry Potter (movie replica) chess set found at Box Lunch.

Zelda chess set found at Box Lunch.

Persona 5 is the most recent entry in a line of deep JRPG video games that incorporate a unique mash-up of traditional RPG action, dating sims, urban fantasy, and Jungian psychology.  An important aspect of these games is your main character’s ‘social links’, the bonds that…