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Star Trek: TOS Captain Kirk mug found at Think Geek.

Pop Culture Conception of Captain Kirk from Star Trek: A
rough and tumble rule-breaker who had a rebellious streak, was a compulsive womanizer
who hit on every woman they ran into, and had many casual relationships. Was
rebellious and often ignored orders to do what he thought was best. A high
testosterone man of action, he was more likely to start a fight than other Trek
captains. Had a bit of an egotistical or arrogant streak, and who reprogrammed
the Kobyashi Maru because of ego-injury. Was approachable and often a peer to
his crew. Often gave interminable sanctimonious speeches.

Actual Captain Kirk from Star Trek: Lived a mostly celibate
life primarily dedicated to his responsibilities, sometimes shut down women who
came on to him and avoided a few he worked with due to duty, was a workaholic, respected his superior officers and bureaucrats to the point it
caused him problems, and only violated orders only in extreme circumstances due
to his loyalty to friends. Believed in non-violent resolutions, and often had a thoughtful streak where he refused to
attack or kill. Was intellectual and enjoyed playing chess and quoted
literature. Had self confidence, pride, chutzpah and energy but was not
egotistical, and reprogrammed the Kobyashi Maru out of pride, not ego injury or arrogance.
Was often authoritarian with his crew, sometimes snapped at them, and except
for McCoy and Spock, was often remote and aloof from them. Often gave
interminable sanctimonious speeches (that part is
actually true).