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Mini Disney books found at found at Box Lunch.

Hogwarts houses velvet ribbon book marks found at Box Lunch.

Hogwart’s Library book collection found at Hot Topic. 

Collection includes:

  • Quidditch Through The Ages
  • Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them
  • The Tales of Beedle and The Bard

Marauder’s Map Guide To Hogwarts book and light up wand found at Hot Topic.

Geek Girls Don’t Cry is an upcoming non-fiction book from Andrea Towers that takes a look at the lessons some of our favorite women in pop culture have learned on their unforgettable journeys. We have an exclusive reveal of the book’s cover, illustrated by the wondrous Paulina Ga…

Princess mugs found at Disney.

You shall not pass by Niki Vaszi

A Feast Of Ice And Fire: The Official Game Of Thrones Companion Cookbook by Chelsea Monroe-Cassel & Sariann Lehrer found at Box Lunch.

GOT – Dragon egg candles found at Hot Topic. 

Beauty and the Beast  book page flower hair clip found at Hot Topic.