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The Nightmare Before Christmas 25 years collector’s chess set found at Disney.

Black Panther edition Monopoly found at Disney.

Monopoly: Sailor Moon edition found at Box Lunch. 

Hogwarts Battle: The Monster Box Of Monsters expansion found at Box Lunch.

Dragon Ball Z Yahtzee game found at Box Lunch.

Fantastic Beasts Perilous Pursuit found at Box Lunch.

Fade in on a bustling street at night. The city is vaguely New York-ish. People are walking, minding their own business, eating pizza and other big city appropriate foods. All of a sudden a sewer grate busts open and swarms of green, oozing mutants rush out. The citizens of this off-brand New…

Harry Potter Clue edition found at Hot Topic.

One of the subthemes of this year’s Gen Con was adorable anthropomorphic animals. Cute critters were featured in all sorts of games, but the Starling Games booth was chock full of people gawking over one of the most gorgeous games at the con. Everdell made its debut at the convention after …

Every year I went to GenCon before 2018 had been to work for an exhibitor in some capacity. This year, I was a rogue agent for Geek & Sundry which has its own kinds of perks. One such perk was the joy of getting to sit down with Théo Rivière who worked with Bruno Cathala to make the g…