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Batman (Japanese comic book art) shirt found at Hot Topic.  

Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey) caution tape jacket found at Hot Topic.

Batman logo multi-tool found at Box Lunch.


Batman glass stein found at Box Lunch.

Batman: White Knight statues by Sean Murphy found at Hot Topic.

Batman Shooting Gallery by Marx, 1966.

As all Batman fans know, Batman’s moral code prevents him from using lethal weapons, firearms in particular.

Typically, toys like this are “reskins” of existing toys, so they can be rushed out to market quickly. Prior to 1966, and the television show, Batman was not a particularly well known superhero, or all that popular. In the Batmania fanzine, released in the years just before the Batman TV show, a lot of the adult fans of Batman were shocked to find most kids they knew didn’t even know who Batman was. 

Everyone knows the Hulk started gray before they made him green, but did you know that, in his first appearance, Batman’s gloves were accidentally colored purple? 

Batman car sunshade found at Box Lunch.