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Thor – Avengers: Endgame shirt found at Hot Topic.


Fun fact: the first person to ever yell “Avengers Assemble!” was Thor in Avengers #10, during the battle with Immortus. A lot of other alliterative phrases were used, like “Avengers Attack” but this is the one that stuck. 

Captain America is associated with the phrase, but he was a latecomer to using it – most famously on the cover of Avengers #16: 

John Buscema.

Ladies love the Beast. 

This moment was from the 1970s, but it seems to accurately anticipate many things.


Epting’s Black Knight pin up. 

The Black Knight was always my favorite Avenger because he was modern and medieval simultaneously. Modern in that he was a man of science, a physicist, no less, of high ethics and a dedication to nonviolence…and medieval, in that he used a magic sword given to his lineage by Merlin, and lived in his ancient family castle filled with scientific equipment. I loved that he could call on the ghost of the Camelot-era Black Knight for advice, and I loved he was, until recently, the only English Avenger. 

The marvelous pen of Sal Buscema. 

Infinity Gauntlet planter / desk organizer found at Hot Topic. 

Avengers: Endgame suit track jacket found at Hot Topic.