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Little Buddy house slippers by

Lopbraa found at Amazon.

TARDIS wooden jewelry box found at Amazon. 

Dragon Ball Z Monoploy edition found at Amazon.

Moon light by ACED found on Amazon.

“Of Course I Talk To Myself” mug found at Amazon. 

Mark Schutz’s “Goddess”

Devouring issue after monthly issue–it’s been an integral part of comics readers’ experience since the days of spinner racks. Time marches ever onward, though, and with its brand new Originals initiative, comiXology brings a uniquely 2010s style of consumption to that experience. W…

Yoda book end by Hallmark found on Amazon. 

Decaf coffee mug by

Geek Details

found on Amazon.

Harry Potter inspired soy candles by Highland Bluff Studio found on Amazon.