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The episode of “Family Matters” where Urkel and Carl go back in time to pirate days.



On the subject of Mars Attacks, whatever happened to Janice Rivera, who played Jim Brown’s co-worker and spent the entirety of the film in a Cleopatra costume? She was also a model in Last Action Hero, two movies from the same era that had humor that was ahead of their time. She was also a big-deal model for a bit, but she never became a superstar. 

If I had to make an educated guess as to why she didn’t blow up into a Tia Carrere-superstar, I’d say she was the victim of the fact that Spanish language media in the US was much more compartmentalized prior to the late end of the 1990s, and “crossover successes” were much rarer. 

“Mario Teaches Typing” (1992)

Everyone knows the Space Cadet pinball table, bundled with Windows 95. But it was originally from a standalone game called “Maxis Full Tilt! Pinball” which included two other tables, a pirate-themed one named Skullduggery, and a medieval themed one named Dragon’s Keep. Space Cadet was like the Diana Ross of the collection, with the others being the other two Supremes, or like Beyonce and the two other members of Destiny’s Child.


Electronic talking Mall Madness. 

The isetta, an Italian-made micro-car sold in many European countries that is best known as Steve Urkel’s comically absurd car. 

HeroQuest was one of the greatest board games ever made.