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Jerry Ordway.

It was always a trip to see the late Thuy Trang, in the running for Power Rangers’ most successful alum, in other movies of the 1990s, like Spy Hard and the Crow II. 


Happy birthday to the Daywalker himself, Wesley Snipes. 

“Always bet on black.” 

One of my favorite pinball machines: Bally’s “Attack from Mars!” (1995)

It had nothing to do with Independence Day or Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! which came out around the same time. Sometimes ideas are just…in the air, and express themselves in different ways.

Operation Galactic Storm.

Electronic Toy Biz “Punisher Talks.”

“Mario Teaches Typing” (1992)

McDonalds’ ad mascot, Mac Tonight, who urged people to visit McDonald’s for dinner. 

The actor who played Mac Tonight, Doug Jones, later on starred in Gullermo del Toro’s The Shape of Water as the gillman.