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Starlog magazine article that announced they were making a Conan the Barbarian movie in March, 1981. Before the blogs, Starlog was the one place to get news about scifi and fantasy media.

Marvel Comics Super Heroes Strategy Game, 1980. 

Anyone who was a Marvel Comics fan in the 1980s remembers John Byrne’s Last Galactus story, one of the great unfinished stories of all time. A mixture of classic Marvel and the weird, adult, mindblowing and concept centered scifi magazines that started to come into existence, it was set 10 billion years in the future, with Galactus devouring a dead earth, and wondering why the stars were winking out of existence. It’s a detective story where Galactus is the detective. 

It’s full of mournful and strange imagery, like the last surviving inhabitant of the earth, a robot programmed only with the complete works of Shakespeare, and colossal galactic structures that you can cross at lightspeed. It was all the more fascinating to fans because it remained unfinished. 

John Byrne discussed his ideas on it, here, including some thoughts on how he would have finished it. Hint: we would have learned the true purpose of Galactus’s existence, as the key to rebuild whatever comes after the universe.  

Black Diamond was a very weird AC Comic because it initially looks like an adaptation of a movie starring b-movie queen Sybil Danning, except…there was no movie at all

Sybil Danning did appear in the book in something like an outfit in a photo shoot, but there was no film. Essentially, they wrote an action/espionage comic around a photoshoot of Sybil Danning in a catsuit. 

Lou Ferrigno. 


The Chrysler Laser Atlas and Satellite System was essentially early GPS. 

Note also the presence of the laserdisk. 

Bill Reinhold’s Iron Man.

It’s a shame to me that Reinhold is seldom in the conversation for being one of the great comics artists. He’s dynamite!

The Flexatron knockoff action figure line. My favorite is the green devil, who looks very informed by Chinese culture. 

The bad guy was known as “Herr Bone.”