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According to numerous students of Shatner’s toupee, who examine the issue closely, the most fascinating hairpieces Shatner ever wore were the ones in the 1970s, when he appeared on game shows, such as the Match Game in 1975 (above), and his appearance on the New Beat the Clock (below, 1974). 

Another contender would be the “furry” piece worn in the early 1980s for TJ Hooker: 


The paperback covers of George Barr. 

All of them are from the smaller publisher, DAW, who I’d argue, had the best covers in scifi history. The smaller the publisher, the better the covers. Cover art is something of a lost art these days because of the disinterest of the larger publishers in investing into their books.

“Island of the Fishmen” (1979)

“Gold of the Amazon Women” (1979), starring Bo Svenson from Mystery Science Theater 3000′s “Wizards of the Lost Kingdom.”


Black Hole bedsheet sets.

“Crossbows and Catapults”


Frank Frazetta.

Leonard Nimoy with a hobbit hole cake.