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Peter Pracownik.

One of Marvel’s exhaustively researched, forgotten historical-adventure series, Swordquest was a passion project of B&W comic line editor John Warner, something he’d been trying to get made for decades. 

Set in Korea in the 1590s, it’s about a reluctant scholar turned warrior, a Korean martial arts prodigy, trying to repulse the simultaneous Japanese and Chinese invasions. 

President Jimmy Carter, a Georgian, loved pro wrestling, here, with his favorite wrestler, Mr. Wrestling II. 

Jimmy Carter invited Mr. Wrestling II to his inauguration, but Mr. Wrestling II had to turn it down, as the secret service required he not wear his mask. 

The marvelous pen of Sal Buscema. 

Frank Frazetta, Atlantis Rising

There is incredibly little information available about the 1979 aborted adaptation of Lloyd Biggle Jr.’s 1961 novel, “Monument,” except for a 1979 article in Starlog with some set photographs and concept art. 

The book is a classic, about an old space bum who crashes on an idyllic, Polynesia-like planet, and who leaves a plan behind for the primitive inhabitants to use knowledge of bureaucracy and other tactics to prevent their planet from becoming a resort, and ensuring they own it forever. The film adaptation stalled, despite having a cast, locations, and even monster costumes, when the producer unexpectedly died. 

If it had been made, it would probably have changed science fiction films as it was a very smart, sophisticated film at a time when that kind of scifi movie wasn’t made often. 


Steranko’s 1976 poster for Star Trek. 

Hulk Utility Belt. 

Boris Vallejo.