Have you read "Lords Of Mars" yet? T…

Have you read "Lords Of Mars" yet? The comic book where Tarzan And Jane get sent to Barsoom and meet Dejah Thoris?

I thought that was an intriguing series and I really liked it. The part that I liked best was the villain, who was essentially a Thern version of Baron Harkonnen, a grotesquely obese nobleman pedophile who seems to be ruled by his disgusting appetites…but who you underestimate at your peril. He had a gift for cunning plotting and “plans within plans,” and who wanted his enemies to fight each other, hence the reason for the crossover.

I have two critiques of the series. One, I was fascinated by the idea it was Tarzan and Jane on Barsoom, which was an intriguing wrinkle that had my full attention. Unfortunately except for a bit at the end, Jane (who at this point in the series was no longer the fainting hostage seen in Tarzan the Terrible) didn’t really do much. 

The other critique is that the series didn’t try to “mix mythologies.” If the purpose of a series is fanservice it should be judged on its fanservice, right? Other projects attempted to mingle the Tarzan and Barsoom mythos more effectively. The unpublished Tarzan on Mars from 1962 did a layup: La of Opar, who was implied to be immortal and may or may not have had weird powers, who was from a city that was a baroque outpost of an advanced civilization that went to seed, was revealed in Tarzan on Mars to be Barsoomian. In fact, Opar itself was a Barsoomian outpost on Ancient Earth. That’s the kind of thing I wanted more of, taking the most of this opportunity.

Following in the footsteps of the John Carter movie, the series had Therns on earth, which actually, in proper ERB lore, isn’t that farfetched, since it is known that Barsoomians may have visited earth in periods of immense antiquity, and some Barsoomians even speak English, Chinese, and Russian due to their observation of earth (the purpose of clothes totally baffles them). Since the Therns’ gimmick is being false gods, couldn’t that be connected to one of the approximately one billion “evil jungle cults” encountered in the Tarzan tales?