You recently had a post about Dark Shadows, an…

You recently had a post about Dark Shadows, and why wasn't there a revival in the '90s. But…. there was! The 1991 revival, that only last one season. I could've sworn I've even seen you mention that show on this blog before. It was great, and seemed to tick all the boxes you talked about, playing into the 90s gothic vampire craze and having all the insane plots with time travel and supernatural science etc. What gives?

You’ll note that I specified a “daytime TV revival.” That was the original context that Dark Shadows was in, daytime TV. The 1991 Dark Shadows reboot was an evening drama instead of a daytime soap, which is a totally different context and way of telling stories. I really did like the revival show a lot, though.

The 90s show seemed to be a sped-up version of Dark Shadows’ more famous story arcs about time travel and reincarnation. Actually, I’m sorry it got canceled right when it did, because at that point, we were past the story we’d already seen and into new territory, where Victoria realized that Barnabas was a vampire. Whoa…so…what next? The series stopped right at the point it was becoming interesting.