#Repost @k1nje ・・・ 🤓alert: Kinje with her namesake PURKINJE…

#Repost @k1nje
🤓alert: Kinje with her namesake PURKINJE earrings! #sciencejewelry1824 ———————————————————— Purkinje cells are instantly recognizable based upon their bushy, branching, beautifully ‘arborizing’ dendrites. Located in the cerebellum, Purkinje neurons regulate motor movements through inhibitory GABA signals. Purkinje neurons are among the largest in the central nervous system. ———————————————————— Kinje is *actually* named for Purkinje fibers in the electrical conducting system of the heart that enables synchronized contractions. Basically, Kinje makes the heart go “lub-dub”💕💕 Purkinje neurons & Purkinje fibers were discovered by & named for the same astute anatomist. (the Hiss-Purkinje system is available as a pendant, but our lady made certain stylistic choices…)
———————————————————— Thanks to Luk at @sciencejewelry1824 who customized every aspect of these Purkinje earrings (3D printed, extra amazing!) and made this lady’s nerdy dreams come true. Gray hairs courtesy of @columbiamed http://ift.tt/2xminDO http://ift.tt/2xY4jVP