He who does not forget the past, is the master of the present.

Frank R. Paul’s city illustrations accompanying Clark Ashton Smith’s scifi in Wonder Stories.

Spiritual Stones ring set found at Box Lunch.  

Darth Vader tie-dye long-sleeve shirt found at Hot Topic.

Javier Charro.

Star Wars – Planet ear cuff (Left ear) found at Hot Topic.

Star War ship hoop earrings found at Hot Topic.

Another one of my favorite adventure novels: Dian of Lost Land by Edison Marshall (1933), about an expedition over Antarctica that discovers a lost tribe of still surviving Cro-Magnon stone age people, battling against brutish prehistoric beasts and neanderthals. Notable for great Virgil Finlay interior illustrations. It was a tremendously influential novel of its day, and helped revive the lost race novel, which by the early 1930s, was flagging. It was the inspiration for the War Eagles, one of the most famous unmade films of all time. 

Frozen 2 make up collection by Colour Pop.

Steven Butler’s Green Sorceress.